marți, 28 octombrie 2014

The Revelation Of The Pyramids


Documentary, Revelations of the Pyramids, dive deep into the ancient mysteries of the pyramids and their connections to other mega monuments of the world. Seventeen minutes into the video, they talk about the great EGYPTIAN pyramid and its link to the EQUINOX! This was exciting new information to us. Then 48 minutes into the film, they make a connection between the monuments in PERU, the MAYA WORLD, EASTER ISLAND, and the PYRAMIDS OF CHINA, and the center is EGYPT! At about the one hour mark, they get into complex SACRED GEOMETRY. They also go on elude to ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS and how ancient mysteries were anchored on Earth and were able to withstand mass amounts of time and through loss of history. This reminds me how important it is to totally awaken these ancient mysteries within us. And they are within us right now! The film goes on to just blow my mind as it dives deep and even discusses the 26,000 year cycle that the Maya knew about as well. P.S. Don't buy into their conclusions. The Star Elders are very clear about the fact that the global cataclysms of the past will not happen this time around due to our awakening consciousness! Thus yet another reason to be diligent to awakening to the mysteries. Please watch it! It is very well done.

vineri, 3 octombrie 2014

Darpan - Pacha Mama

I want to be free, so free,
Like a flower and a bee
Like a bird in a tree,
Like a dolphin in the sea,
I want to fly high, so high,
Like an eagle in the sky
And when my time has come,
I want to lay me down and fly.

Pachamama, I’m coming home,
To the place where I belong.

I want to be free, be me,
Be the being that I see,
Not to rise and not to fall,
Being one and loving all,
There’s no high, there’s no low,
There’s nowhere else to go,
Except inside a little star,
Saying be just who you are.